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20000 ~ 30000 rpm 10000~20000 rpm 5000~10000 rpm 0~5000 rpm
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2200ml 750ml Blood collection vessel 2400ml 1500ml 1000ml 500ml 250ml 100ml 20/30/50ml 15ml 10ml 5ml 1.5ml/2ml
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freezing constant temperature normal atmospheric temperature

A high-tech enterprise that manufactures centrifuges and laboratory instruments.

Hunan Xiangyi Laboratory Instrument Development Co., Ltd
Hunan Xiangyi Laboratory Instrument Development Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in manufacturing centrifuges and laboratory instruments. It has been spec...
  • 57year
    Production centrifuge
  • 100thousand
    Annual production capacity
  • 100+
    Exported countries
  • 20year
    Effective operation
  • 08/2022-06
    	The centrifuge safety protection system is used to protect personnel and instruments. The main components of Cence centrifuge safety protection system are:
    		Main curren...
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  • 21/2022-07
    	Centrifugation refers to a technique in which the solution is rotated at a high speed around the axis, and some components are allowed to settle out by centrifugal force, while ...
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  • 27/2022-07
    	Centrifugal force is a manifestation of inertia and does not actually exist. In order to make an object to move in a circular motion, the object needs to experience a force dire...
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